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Nominations Open!

Nominations for the 12th Annual

Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award

are Open!

Whether you are a first generation, or a multi-generational family business, we want to hear your story. Preparing a nomination allows you to look into your past and document what has made your business successful, tell your stories, and discuss your plans for the future.

We love telling your stories and providing a forum for shining a light on this important part of our economy. 

The DEADLINE for nominations is April 1, 2015. Winners will be chosen by an independent panel of judges. Winners will be announced at the gala Awards Banquet on May 14, 2015 at the New Edgewater Hotel in Madison.

To download a nomination form, click here. 

nomination form


2014 Winners at the banquet last May. We heard some great stories. We would love to hear your family business stories in a nomination!

State Collection Service, Inc., Madison - Large Company
Automation Components, Inc., Middleton - Medium Company
Michael F. Simon Builders, Inc., Waunakee - Small Company

HM Graphics, Inc., Milwaukee - Never Settle for Second Best
Masters Gallery Foods, Inc., Plymouth - Culture of Fun - Passion for Cheese
Mid-State Equipment, Columbus - Plowing the Way to Success
Peterson Wood Treating, Inc., Superior - Preserving the Generations
Professional Construction, Inc., Waukesha - Follow the Dream
S&L Companies, Portage - Old Fashioned Culture of Service

Size Categories

Small Company: 1 - 50 Employees

Medium Company: 51 - 100 Employees

Large Company: Greater than 100 Employees

Nomination criteria

To be considered for this award, the nominee must be a Wisconsin-based family-owned private company and have intentions of passing ownership to the next generation.

Self-nominations are encouraged. Nominations can also be submitted by anyone close to the business, such as a client, banker, accountant, attorney, or other advisor. All nominations must be received by April 1, 2015.


Why nominate

A nomination alone is an honor to the business and the family. Award programs are an effective way to bring positive recognition to the good that you do in your community. A company's marketing and its employee's morale all benefit from being involved in recognition programs. And, the process of evaluating your company and putting your accomplishments on paper is a great exercise.

Headcheese & Speedboat Rides Video - A look back at Seven Former Family Business Award Winners

This is a beautiful video featuring family business owners discussing the origin of their operations, succession, challenges, their legacy, and what it was like to win the Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award. We produced this to mark the tenth anniversary of the award.

2014 Banquet Highlights

From Past Nominations

Glorioso Brothers

"My name is Michael A. Glorioso. I am a third generation Glorioso and the son of Ted and Maria Glorioso. My father, Ted, is one of the original partners of Glorioso Brothers Italian specialty food store. I am nominating my family's business as a way of thanking my father and two uncles for providing me a name I can be proud of."

State Collection Service

Winning the 2014 Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award is an accomplishment everyone at State Collection Service is extremely proud of. The entire experience has been humbling and reminds us of the commitment we make each day to our clients and their customers. This award means so much to not only our family, but also to our employees, clients, and friends.


Automation Components, Inc.

For a long while we knew there was an aspect that helped us stay competitive in our marketplace. Sure, we felt that our products and customer service provided us an advantage over our competitors in terms of value. However, this award helped us take a bigger and more important perspective on why we are successful. We learned that family values that envelope the entire workforce and having the right mix of people who respect these values is actually what makes us so successful. The Wisconsin Family Business Award helps family based companies step back and reflect on why their situation, or story, should be acknowledged and shared with their employees, community, and customers. It was a great honor to win this award!

- Troy Schwenn, President of Automation Components, Inc.

Endres Manufacturing

Winning the family business of the year award was a great honor. We always believed that our business was special and unique and our commitment to employees and the community are very important to us. For us to be recognized among our peers was a great honor and one that we hold in very high regard.

The process of putting together the application was a great exercise for me. I was still in the early parts of my tenure at Endres and taking the time to write about what is special and unique about our business was a great learning experience. It forced me to put into words the traditions, beliefs, and history of our family and this business. I have pulled out my copy of the application many times to reference important facts or to create other documents for marketing or employee education.

Our trophy sits proudly in our lobby for all to see and we feel is one of the most prestigious awards we have ever received.

What is it Like to Win?

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