Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to the banquet even though I did not nominate my company?

YES! Many past nominees love this event. It is a wonderful evening of celebrating the things family-owned businesses bring to our state. Tables of eight to ten are available. Bring the family and team for a wonderful night.  For information on the banquet, contact us at 608-836-7500. Or, email us at

How much information is needed?

Please answer each question or section with as much detail as you need to tell your story. Nominations typically are 12 to 25 pages, including supplemental material.

What types of supplemental material do people submit?

Please be sure to submit marketing materials that explain your service or product. These materials will help our panel of judges better understand your company. If you have news clippings, a recent annual report, photographs, awards or other materials, please feel free to submit copies of those, too. They can help you tell your story.

How detailed does the information need to be?

Be as specific as you can. For example, numbers tell an important part of your story. When reporting on your growth in sales and profits, please be aware that financial information is kept confidential. You may use percentages to describe growth if you wish.

What does "impact on the community" mean?

If your business provides a significant number of jobs relative to the size of the community in which it is located, let us know. If your business participates in charitable acts, let us know. Do you sponsor a team on a heart walk? Do you have a program to match employee contributions? Offer scholarships? Do you partner with other businesses or groups to host an event? What makes your company a good citizen?

Who are the judges?

It is important to know that the sponsors are not the judges, nor do the sponsors submit nominees. The judges are drawn from family-owned businesses, consultants, government, and business media.

Can I nominate someone as a surprise?

Generally, no. Detailed and extensive information is necessary which makes it important to have the nominee involved in the process. Unless you are a company insider, consultant, or close advisor with access to the needed information, it would be difficult to prepare a successful nomination as a surprise.